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Fashionattic is boutique second-hand clothing shop located at 337 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. We pride ourselves on providing hand-selected vintage pieces for men women and children.
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We are a boutique secondhand, recycled and vintage clothing shop located in Brunswick, Melbourne. Our mission is to give people access to affordable and quality second-hand clothing, to become apart of tackling and managing the impact of the textile industry on our planet. Support second-hand clothing stores, mix up your style by being creative with what is already in your wardrobe and think before you buy! You may be thinking after all this, “why do we sell new clothes?” This is because we also believe in supporting high-quality designs from our local creatives which in turn supports our vision of reducing environmental damage caused by fast fashion.

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We have put togehter a very special selection to be sold exclusivlye through our online shop. Vintage peices that styles are timeless and have only gotten better through the ages.
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PHONE: (03) 9068 8188

View First Edition Photoshoot

View our retro-inspired photo shoot that will take you on a trip through some of the most influential eras in the history of fashion.
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News from our blog

This is our forum to share all the interesting tidbits we think of and come across while surfing the world wide web. Check back for inspiration and information around fashion and lifestyle.

  • Winter is here.

    The short, cold days of winter have arrived. We all knew it was coming but it always seems to sneak up on us doesn't it....

  • Giving Back

    I have been involved in the second-hand clothing industry long before the idea of Fashionattic came to light. In 2010 I ...

  • Brunswick Inspired

    Its hard not be inspired by living in such an outgoing and diverse suburb. The streets of Sydney Rd are filled with such...

From our latest Brunswick shoot.

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